• Our Humble Beginning

    Our school just completed its first month of training and we have a small but dedicated student group who is not only very much enjoying their training but also making good progress in their Tai Chi journey. The new students have learned the proper Postures, Breathing, Standing Meditation, Five loosening exercises and Tai Chi Walk.

  • Tai Chi and long term health

    There are many articles promoting health benefit of Tai Chi practice. I would like to add the following points from my own experience. 1. There is minimum barrier in Tai Chi training. From movement point of view, Tai Chi practice usually is done in a slower and relaxed manner. It is a kind of anaerobic

  • Tai Chi’s fundamental 13 techniques

    In the old days, Tai Chi also known as “Thirteen Shi” (十三式) translates as “Thirteen Postures”. It is derived from the 13 most fundamental techniques in Tai Chi training. The 13 techniques are divided in two categories: 1. Eight Jin (劲) or Power techniques which correspond to Yi Jing (易经)’s “Eight Trigrams” (八卦).  They are: Peng