• Explaining Xing Yi Quan’s seven movement concept (起落钻翻橫竖順)

    Here are the seven key words used a lot in classic Xing Yi manual: Lifting (起), Dropping (落), Drilling (钻), Overturning (翻), horizontal (橫), vertical (竖), Follow (順) 。 I will use Pi Quan’s movement to explain the above seven key words/concept: The beginning of your hand’s movement is “Lifting”. Then it comes out straight
  • Key points for practicing San Ti Stance (三体式)

    San Ti stance is the most importance stance and training in Xing Yi (形意拳) system. It is the foundation for all the forms. Here are the Eight “Must”, with each has three elements, total of 24 points: Press (顶): Head press up, Hand (The front one) pushes out and Tongue press the jaw. Withhold or
  • The Five Elements of Xing Yi Quan (形意五行拳)

    Name Classification Character Organ Pi Quan  (劈拳) Metal Chopping Lung Beng Quan  (崩拳) Wood Crushing Liver Zuan Quan (钻拳) Water Drilling Kidney Pao Quan (炮拳) Fire Exploding Heart Heng Quan (横拳) Earth Crossing Spleen Relationship of the Five Elements Creative (相生): Pi Quan (劈拳)      - >    Zuan Quan (钻拳)    (Metal -