• Introducing Ancient Three Seven Style of Tai Chi (三世七) to our system

    Three Seven (三世七) style Tai Chi Quan was told to be founded by Xu Xuan Ping (许宣平), a Tang dynasty Daoist monk. It was secretly transmitted through many generations until towards early 20th century, A master named Song Shu Ming showed his excellent skills of Tai Chi push hands in Beijing that result in many famous Tai Chi masters at the time such as Wu Jian Quan (Wu style founder), Xu Yu Shen, Liu En Shou, Liu Cai Chen etc. learning from him.

    This style of Tai Chi describes it’s principle as “Cloud and Fog alike” (练云练雾). Its emphases are Soong (松,relax), Sticky (粘), Movement (身法), Footwork (步法).

    Fortunately, with Sifu Harvey’s arrangement, I had the opportunity couple years ago to learn the complete sets of the forms of “Three Seven Style” Tai Chi from Master Lou, a visiting master from Beijing. Now with her blessing, I am now ready to teach them. I feel it’s a great addition to our current traditional Yang Style training system.

    I plan to start the class in May 2022 at West Ryde Public School.

    This class is more suited for students with previous Tai Chi or other Chinese internal martial arts experience. Those who is interested in learning, please RSVP via email to jinglingtaichi@outlook.com.

    Here is the video link of the first form I demonstrated at 2021 World Tai Chi and Qigong day.

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