• Milestones of Tai Chi training

    Here are summaries from various sources regarding milestones of the Tai Chi training journey.

    1. From Wang Zhongyue “Taijiquan Treatise“ (王宗岳 太极拳论)

    • Master the movements (着熟),
    • Comprehend the principle of Jin (懂劲).
    • Become enlightened (神明).

    The “Taijiquan Treatise” was written a few hundred years ago. So the above context may not be clear for modern day practitioners.

    2. From Yang Chengfu’s book, further expanding on the above

    • Focus on accurate movement (练顺): Mastering the form.
    • Focus on training of Jin (练劲): Internal power development.
    • Focus on technique (练巧): Mastering the art of Tai Chi technique.

    Training on Jin (练劲) and the art of technique (练巧) are on the same direction but can be further explained in the following sequence.

    • Heavy, powerful root (松沉)
    • Agile, acute (轻灵)
    • Nothingness, empty (虚无)


  • Posted by Joey on January 25, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    about 5 years into learning Taichi, I am still feeling about 50% into doing the movements/85 forms. Thank you Sifu for being flexible with my inconsistent own practice routine. Perhaps I have some understanding of the feeling of the Jin. Nowhere near feeling the Jin or being able to utilise it when needed. I suppose it is hard to get to the next level without consistent training to make the forms/movements proficient. Hope the training in the next 5 years will allow me to feel more than half of the second level.


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