• Standing Meditation (站桩)

    Standing Meditation (站桩) is an important element in our training. I think it’s a unique training method from Chinese Martial Art.

    The main benefits of such a practice are:

    • Mind control: from calm, relax to empty your mind.
    • Build-up correct posture and structure.
    • Develop internal power.

    In our academy, we do the following methods:

    Wuji Zhuang (无极桩): Feet stand in parallel, hand stay down at both side of the body.

    Hun Yuan Zhuang (浑圆桩): Same posture but bring hands up chest level to formalize a circle.

    San Ti Shi (三体式): A fundamental stance from Xing Yi (形意拳). Due to my own linage, it’s always a part of my core training.

    Here are some important principles that applies to Standing Meditation (站桩):

    1. Light and insubstantial energy at the top of the head (虚灵顶劲)
    2. Contain the chest and Pull up the back (含胸拔背)
    3. Breathing with Dantian (气沉丹田)
    4. Loosen the waist and kua (松腰胯)
    5. Keep the tailbone straight (尾闾中正)
    6. Sink the shoulders and drop the elbows (沉肩坠肘)
    7. Internal movement within stillness (静中有动)

    Standing Meditation (站桩) can be boring to start with. Persevere with it, you will be rewarded.


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