• Tai Chi and the Car

    Through my Tai Chi research and practice, I found some interesting similarities between Tai Chi and Car mechanics. Let’s set up some equivalent points first: 1. Human: Hands -> Car: Two front wheels (Assume rear wheel drive vehicle) 2. Human: Feet -> Car: Two rear wheels (Assume rear wheel drive vehicle) 3. Human: Joints ->
  • The Five Elements of Xing Yi Quan (形意五行拳)

    Name Classification Character Organ Pi Quan  (劈拳) Metal Chopping Lung Beng Quan  (崩拳) Wood Crushing Liver Zuan Quan (钻拳) Water Drilling Kidney Pao Quan (炮拳) Fire Exploding Heart Heng Quan (横拳) Earth Crossing Spleen Relationship of the Five Elements Creative (相生): Pi Quan (劈拳)      - >    Zuan Quan (钻拳)    (Metal -