• Tai Chi History/Lineage

    “Who creates Tai Chi” is very much debatable in the last many many years. There is no definite answer. The below sheet is compiled by me based on the information I collected in the past.    

  • Tai Chi training is more than just form

    There is often a misconception that learning Tai Chi is all about learning a Tai Chi form. This is very wrong and you are missing a big part. I believe Tai Chi training has the following aspects: 1. Basics or foundation – This includes but not limit to Breathing, Meditation (Sitting or standing), Pile Standing (站桩)

  • Milestones of Tai Chi training

    Here are summaries from various sources regarding milestones of the Tai Chi training journey. 1. From Wang Zhongyue “Taijiquan Treatise“ (王宗岳 太极拳论) Master the movements (着熟), Comprehend the principle of Jin (懂劲). Become enlightened (神明). The “Taijiquan Treatise” was written a few hundred years ago. So the above context may not be clear for modern