• Tai Chi training is more than just form

    There is often a misconception that learning Tai Chi is all about learning a Tai Chi form. This is very wrong and you are missing a big part.

    I believe Tai Chi training has the following aspects:

    1. Basics or foundation – This includes but not limit to Breathing, Meditation (Sitting or standing), Pile Standing (站桩) ,Tai Chi Walk (猫步), Single posture (单式) and etc.

    Yes, it may sound boring but is very important to your future Tai Chi development. It’s the foundation. Diligent practicing will also bring great benefit to your health.

    If you don’t have the time and space to do the whole form, you can just practicing those Basics.

    2. Tai Chi form(s) – Bring in what you developed from Basics into a continuous routine. Forms are Basics in motion. Stick to the 10 guiding principle (see Guidebooks section).

    Basics and forms are solo training. It is about knowing yourself. They feed into Application training.

    3. Application (Push Hands and sparring) – This includes partner drills, power development routines, sensitivity training, free push hands and sparring.

    This training is about knowing others.

    By working with other people, Application training gives you honest feedback towards your solo training. Some aspects work, some might not. Take that back to improve your form and basic training.


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