• Five Ancient Styles Of Tai Chi (太极老五派)

    Below is some very interesting information about Tai Chi in the earlier days. It’s not well known to general Tai Chi public. It gives us a different perspective to the history as well as the diversity of Tai Chi even in such an early days. “Three Seven” style (三世七) founded by Xu Xuan Ping (许宣平)

  • Milestones of Song (松)

    Chinese “Song” (松) is very hard to translate to English in Tai Chi scope. For simplicity, I will call it the state of not consciously using muscle strength. Many Tai Chi classics and grandmasters emphasis the importance of Song. Why is so? I believe you have to go through this Song process to obtain the

  • Explaining Xing Yi Quan’s seven movement concept (起落钻翻橫竖順)

    Here are the seven key words used a lot in classic Xing Yi manual: Lifting (起), Dropping (落), Drilling (钻), Overturning (翻), horizontal (橫), vertical (竖), Follow (順) 。 I will use Pi Quan’s movement to explain the above seven key words/concept: The beginning of your hand’s movement is “Lifting”. Then it comes out straight