• New Tai Chi Push Hands competition rule from China

    A few weeks ago, we had a chance to discuss with a visiting Chinese Tai Chi master regarding the new draft Tai Chi Push hands competition rule from mainland China. Those who watched Tai Chi Push Hands competitions, all have the feeling that it’s very un-Tai Chi like but more wrestling contests, full of force
  • Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi workshop this August

    Recently I have taken the National Treasurer role for Tai Chi Australia (TCAA), a not for profit organization that supports Tai Chi of all Styles in Australia.  It’s a voluntary position to help promoting and organizing more Tai Chi events in Australia. As part of this financial year’s plan, I am going to run a
  • Values of Tai Chi in modern society

    Recently there has been a lot of discussion aroused after a fight between a Tai Chi practitioner and a MMA fighter. The question is about if Tai Chi or other traditional Chinese martial arts can really fight against modern fighting arts such as Kickboxing and MMA. I’m not entering into such a debate, but rather